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I am a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, nurse, executive, learner, diabetic, leader, thinker, solver, and doer who is learning how to "be". You are welcome to join me.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Placing an order - I'll have 2 of those please!

Hey there!  It's been a while since I have posted.  Life has gotten busy which always means opportunities for new lessons!   My message to myself and to you, is to set your intentions, and then believe they will happen.  Much like if you place an order on Amazon.  How much worry and emotional energy do you spend about if it will arrive?   For me, when the order is placed I let it go, knowing it will show up. For the most part, it appears without fail.  If there is a delay, just a brief conversation or email rights its course and there it is on my doorstep a few days later.  II am trying to have that same perspective with my intentions.

Our thoughts, prayers and dreams manifest exactly the same way.  If we place the order confidently, we only need to let it go, sit back, and believe it will happen in due course.  No worry, no concern about how we want it to happen, but a calm expectation that it will be delivered when it should. The tricky part is that the opposite can occur too. When you doubt you deserve the delivery or that the UPS guy will find your house, it might not show up at all.  You might be too scared to answer the door or open the box and the dream/prayer/wish is unrealized.

I have seen this happen again and again.  I worked with someone years ago who told me about his experience of losing his wedding ring.  When it went missing, his initial reaction was fear and panic.  But he had read some new books, gained some new perspective, and decided that he would act as if he still had the ring.  He washed his face and hands each morning and went through the act of putting on the ring he no longer had.  He wrote notes to himself that said he still had the ring.  He believed it wasn't lost for good.  This man worked out religiously and carried the same bag to and from the gym many times a week.  He had looked in the bag for the ring, but it was never there.  One day, he opened the gym bag and there it was.  Either a perpetual oversight or his belief/prayer/wish come to fruition.

As he told me this story, I told him I wanted to put this idea to the test.  I said, "I want a big blue marble".  Just some random object that you don't see every day.   I set this intention in my mind that this would come to me.   It was a bit of lark and I never gave it any thought or worry.   Just said the words and forgot them.  It wasn't a week or so later that I walked into my office to see this marble on my keyboard.  

Of course, I was astonished and amazed!  Anyone within 20 feet of me knew something was up.    Finally another colleague confessed.  He had overheard us talking  about a "big blue marble".  Over the weekend he was cleaning out some "stuff" and found this giant sized blue marble.  He remembered hearing my conversation and decided it would be fun to surprise me.   He placed it on the keyboard on my desk.  

Who is to say it was coincidence, just an anomaly, just a friend playing a joke, or perhaps the fulfillment of a wish/prayer/dream?  The why and what don’t matter to me all that much.  I will never be able to explain it, but to me, it wasn’t random.  It showed me how much our thoughts and words set into motion events that play out in our lives.  What we truly believe comes to fruition because it changes how we make our minute to minute decisions.  It may be our doubts, fears, ambitions, calling, hopes, prayers, insecurities, visions, dreams, ideas or things we haven’t even recognized.   But those things influence each decision we make.

So what are you "ordering on Amazon"?  What is going to show up on your porch?

I am trying to be more mindful – but it is not as easy as it sounds!

I got your back~